About Level Next Media Group, Inc.

Level Next Media Group, Inc. (LNMG) is an Atlanta based corporation that promotes a user community based approach to distribution and professional presentation of media, entertainment and information while, for example, possibly generating revenues through ad based commodities using a robust subscription consumer base, or building an audience with common goals/interests into an effective group to promote and support those ideals. We are also a new media apportionment company that provides infrastructure design and development for the distribution of multi-level media, content acquisition/distribution and audience development through social media. We deploy this strategy across integrated media outlets to include online radio and entertainment, digital magazines, news distribution channels and community based organizations.

Management Team

Our management team consists of corporate professionals successful in their own right across various industries. With years of experience in contributing to their respective companies' successes, they have come together here to form a team dedicated to guiding organizations to the success of achieving their goals and provide processes geared toward sustaining that momentum after project completion.

Level Next Media was founded by Douglas M. Graham in 2010. Mr. Graham has more than 20 years of experience in technology and new media distribution. Through his expertise, he was able to bring the operations of the business to profitability in its first year. In addition, Level Next has the following executive team designing, developing and contributing to this platform and business premise:

Stephen Robinson – Chief Operating Officer and Legal Counsel; Stephen has over 10 years as an investment banker and 10 years as general counsel for various corporations.

Cheryl Cuthbertson – Chief Marketing Officer; Cassandra has over 25 years of experience in marketing and new business development with Fortune 500 companies in the technology and retail sector.

Rajesh Kumar Gonola – Chief Technology Officer; Rajesh is a technology and cyber security expert focused on the infrastructure to keep us viable, current and protected.

Shivani Jagadala – Chief Design Officer; Shivani is a design expert mastering in the development and architecture of the platform.

Dedicated Team

We are dedicated to your success. We do not rest until we achieve YOUR goals. We also advise on profitable directions and keep you from going down the wrong path by offering insight to this ever changing media landscape. We look forward to the challenge and are always seeking to stay on the "cutting edge".

"The partnership and guidance we receved from Doug and his team was more than we expected. Their tireless efforts to make sure we launched successfully AND on time was very impressive and advantageous to our board members for investment postioning. Thanks again!" --HBCUX Network, Inc.
"The fast work and attention to detail really brought the feel of the sight home for our event. The participants and the audience were always updated and kept informed as the events were streamed live from the site set up by LNMG. Much love!" --Cayman Invitational

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